Assignments: How should I manage offline grading of submission attachments?

If you're an instructor, the Upload All feature in the Assignments tool lets you add feedback to submission attachments offline and then upload the reviewed attachments in the CLE.

When taking this approach, however, keep in mind that uploading student submission attachments will duplicate the attachments in the Assignments tool. For this reason, we recommend the following workflow:

  1. When using "Download All" for the appropriate assignment, select Student submission attachment(s) and Feedback Attachment(s) to download these folders for each student.

  2. After opening a file in a Submission attachment(s) folder and adding feedback to it, be sure to save the file to the Feedback Attachment(s) folder. We also recommend giving the file a different name, to clearly indicate to the student that it includes your feedback.

  3. When using "Upload All," be sure that you do NOT select Student submission attachment(s) to avoid uploading submissions again.

Upon upload, files that include your feedback will be listed under the Attachments to Return with Grade heading, and student submission attachments will not be duplicated.  

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