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Forums: How do I limit forum or topic access to a specific group? (CLE 2.9)

Jim Mezzanotte
posted this on October 24, 2013, 8:17 AM

As an instructor, you can assign permissions for a forum or topic* in the Forums tool so that access is limited to a specific group or section of students. Just keep in mind that you must grant permission to the section or group and deny permission to the student role for the site.

Let’s say you’ve added a new forum, called “Group A Forum,” in the Forums tool. You want to assign permissions to this forum so that it’s only available to members of “Group A.” To do so, select the Forums tool and follow these steps: 

  1. For "Group A Forum," click on the Forum Settings link.
  2. Scroll down to the Permissions section. From the Permission Level menu for Group A, select the appropriate permission level, such as Contributor. Or, select Custom to create a new set of permissions from the permissions list that is displayed (keep in mind that you must grant the Read permission to provide access).
  3. From the Permission Level menu for Student, select None. (Repeat this step for any other groups you've created, if you don't want those groups to have access to the forum.)
  4. Click Save.

And that’s it--on the tool home page, "Group A Forum" will only be displayed to members of Group A. You can repeat this process to set availability of topics and forums for other groups.

(*Tip: In CLE 2.9, you can opt to create multiple instances of a topic for specific groups. When adding a topic, click the radio button for Automatically create multiple topics for groups and then select the appropriate groups. When you save your settings, the CLE creates a topic for each group, with permissions already set so that each group only has access to the appropriate topic instance.)