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Forums: How do I import permission settings for groups?

Jim Mezzanotte
posted this on December 7, 2012, 8:00 AM

In the Forums tool, you can set forum/topic permissions for a particular group, either manually or with the automatically create multiple topics for groups feature introduced in CLE 2.9. Setting group permissions can be especially useful if you want different sets of students to have different access and capabilities for specific forums or topics.

If you’re importing Forums tool content from another site, you may want to import these group settings. You can do so--but only if the appropriate groups already exist in your current site before you import.

Let’s say that in last semester’s course site, you created two groups--Group A and Group B. In the Forums tool, you assigned each group certain permissions for several forums you added.  In this semester’s course site, you want to import those forums and settings--including the group permissions. Before you do, first make sure this semester’s site includes a Group A and Group B (you don’t need to assign members). When you import the Forums tool content, you’ll see the permissions for these groups.