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Gradebook2 FAQ: If the gradebook is set up for letter grades, how is the course grade calculated?

Jim Mezzanotte
posted this on November 30, 2012 08:22 AM

In Gradebook2, a numeric course grade is always calculated, even if you have set up the gradebook for entering letter grades. With this gradebook setup, the course grade is calculated according to a specific point value assigned to each letter grade: 

A+     98.3333333333

A       95

A-      91.6666666666

B+     88.3333333333

B       85

B-      81.6666666666

C+     78.3333333333

C       75

C-      71.6666666666

D+     68.3333333333

D       65

D-      61.6666666666

F        58.3333333333

0        0

You can see one of these values displayed in the Calculated Grade column of the spreadsheet frame, if you enter a grade for only one item. Let’s say, for example, that you enter “B+” for the item:


Keep in mind that these values are fixed and cannot be changed in the tool interface. The values are also not affected by the maximum points you set for an item. If you enter “B” for an item, the numeric point value will be 85, regardless of the item’s maximum points.